Tour Payment

As per the government regulations, the full tour payment of your holiday including visa fee has been wire transferred and received in the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) bank account.  Once received, the visa clearance will be processed within 3-5 working days.  

Away Smile Travels will advise about the Bank details/account number to the clients once the tour booking is confirmed.

Q: Which bank should I choose?
You need to check with your personal bank and offer to choose any of the banks that they feel comfortable. It takes 3 working days or more to get your money in Bhutan.
Payment Transfer:

Q: How do I transfer my tour payment to Bhutan?
The only way to transfer your payment to Bhutan is by bank wire to Bhutan National Bank Limited account then to ultimate beneficiary Away Smile Travels.

Q: Can I use credit card to make the payment?
A: Credit Cards are widely accepted in Bhutan. 

Q: How safe is bank transfer to Bhutan?
Very safe

Q: How long will it take to reach Bhutan?
It takes more than 3-5 working days to be credited your payment into our account.

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