Bhutan’s landscapes are extreme, beginning from the tropical south to the Himalayan north, providing trekking enthusiasts ranging from easy, medium and hard trekking tours that suites your preference. We also offer various tailor-made trekking programs to our clients. The rich biodiversity provides an extra treat to your senses and cleanses your mind and soul as it is clean and untouched. The air in the Himalayan routes may be thin but it is clean and crisp. The weather in the tropics may be disturbing but the sight of flora and fauna is unique and exotic. Since almost entire country is wildlife sanctuary and protected areas, the effects of modernization are not so rampant, thus letting you bond with mother-nature as u relish your trek with no modern pollution, including noise. All along your trip, you will see perpetual snowcapped mountains and untouched natural settings. You will also come across variety of settlements and people, mostly nomadic and yak herders in the north.

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